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Antiaging is an exciting new medical science which will change our current ?disease centered? health care system to a ?health centered? medical paradigm.

We are at the cutting edge of the dawning of a new age of ?super health?. So hold on to your hats, especially you baby boomers because we are about to change the history of our very conception of what it means to truly enjoy good health !
Antiaging is an eclectic science which draws upon conventional as well as alternative, holistic, and
preventative medical disciplines. I predict that antiaging medicine will evolve to provide the inhabitants of
this planet with a major tool to self realization and personal fulfillment way beyond current expectations.

Best leffect for anti aging results from master cleanse
Without this science for most Americans true wisdom and often professional and financial success is usually obtained in the part of life when physical energy and enthusiasm for life diminishes due to physical and mental degeneration and often early signs of disease.


Isee antiaging science as the ideal remedy – anti aging cream – for this frustration which will allow for an exuberant life in ones 50, 60, 70?s and beyond. Future physicians will no longer be merely bookish technicians but self realized guides to aid healthy patients to states of super health that will encompass all aspects of healthy existence.


Not only physical or bodily health but health of mind and spirit. Joyful active living. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Learning. Doing. Teaching. Loving. While antiaging does not, nor should be expected to eliminate death and dying it does provide the opportunity to live ones life in immense good health and vigor while one is alive.
My antiaging methodology is to focus first on brain health. The brain is the seat of the soul and controls the health of the organism. Modern neuroscience has taught us much of how the brain functions to control physicality, thought and happiness.


We now know and are learning more at an exponentially accelerated rate about how thought is influenced by neurotransmitter molecules, brain electrical activity, and how these factors influence health and disease. I use technology called Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (B.E.A.M.) to understand how age affects the electrical activity of the brain cortex .

We now know what substances the brain craves in order to function at peak performance levels. We can change brain activity through advanced biochemical supplementation ( My Personal Brain and Body Formula), thought training , meditation, and even computerized EEG or electroencephalographic neuro-biofeedback.

We have seen how antioxidant supplementation can slow the aging process of the brain and body by neutralizing the deleterious aging affects of free radicals which are the destructive byproducts of normal metabolism. We focus also on detoxification so important is our polluted environment. We can feed the liver, the body?s detoxification organ exactly those substances it needs to ?methelate? or neutralize harmful metabolic byproducts and pollutants. the master cleanse

We can use intravenous therapy (Chelation) to detoxify our brain and body of accumulated lead, mercury and other heavy metal toxins which decrease our ability to think and process information ! We can also manipulate the endocrine system to maintain healthy levels of youthful hormones.

The new paradigm will place our efforts to prevent rather than cure disease. But more than prevent disease we will elevate our standards of health to super health which will become the new normal condition. Super health of the human triad: body, mind and spirit. Much of this is here now and much more is just around the corner !